The Casparini Pipe Organ – one of the best historical organs in Europe

The Holy Ghost (Dominican) Church in Vilnius is the home for a pipe organ built in 1776 by Adam Gottlob Casparini, a master from Koenigsberg (currently Kaliningrad, Russia).

„The vocal tone of A. G. Casparini pipe organ in Vilnius is a monument of sound aesthetics of European significance for its beauty and vitality.“

Prof. Harald Vogel



„When playing on this organ some time ago, I noticed its very distinctive and individual sound. I heard certain, even Italian melodiousness – cantabile. It lacks aggressiveness that characterize so many organs of North and Middle Germany. The sound the these depends more on principals, mixtures and cantilever registers.
The A. G. Casparini organ on other hand seems to depend more on flutes. It has a unique sound that cannot be hear in Germany or anywhere else.“

Prof. Ludger Lohmann

„Resoration of the pipe organ built by Adam Gottlob Casparini is a task of tremendous significance that may serve the organ heritage of the whole Europe. The Casparini dynasty, to which Adam Gottlob – the builder of the organ at the Holy Ghost Church in Vilnius – belongs, has built an amazing bridge of organ building art spanning from Venice via Middle Europe even to East European countries. As soon as the restoration project is completed, as soon as the organ of A. G. Casparini raise its voice again, our European organ vision will cease to be only a dream.“

Prof. Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini

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